Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine 
State enterprise "Kharkiv Regional Research and Production Center
for Standardization, Metrology and Certification"



Описание: Д.И.Менделеев        SE "Kharkivstandartmetrologiia" starts its history from Kharkiv verification office of trade measures and weighs, opened on October, 8 1901 in Kharkiv, followed by the initiative of the Principal of Main Chamber of measures and weighs of Russian Empire, prominent scientist and chemist D.I. Mendelieiev who devoted last 15 years of his life to metrology and creating of metrological units of the country. Activity of Kharkiv verification office spread over Kharkiv, Poltava, Kursk, and since 1906 over Voronezh province.
        During two decades since 1901 activity of Kharkiv verification office was focused, mainly, on checking and stamping of simple trade measures and weighs, which grew in number year to year. Only three verificators, including principal manager worked in the office then.
        The approval by the All Ukrainian central executive committee of "The Resolution on the Ukrainian Head chamber of measures and weighs and its local bodies" on August, 30 1922 became a prominent event for the state metrology system of Ukrainian SSR. It established the activity of central scientific and technical metrology establishment on the base of Kharkiv verification office - Ukrainian Head chamber of measures and weighs, which, apart of actual practical metrology, namely verification, gave the start for development of scientific metrology in Ukrainian SSR. It controlled the verification offices in all the regions of Ukraine, at the same time, the head of Kharkiv verification office had a status of Deputy Director of verification department of Ukrainian Head Chamber of measures and weighs, with holding valid his previous position.
Kharkiv verification office in 1931 was reorganized into Standardization Bureau at the planning and statistics bureau of Kharkiv City Council, which at the same year was reorganized into Kharkiv department of measures and weighs in the structure of the Central department of measures and weighs of the All-Union standardization committee.Описание: Письмо Менделеева
        In 1936 Kharkiv Department of measures and weighs was renamed in Kharkiv department of measures and weighs and was subordinated to the People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs (PCIA) in Kharkiv region.
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        Before the beginning of Great Patriotic War in 1941, the efforts of KhSIMMD were directed, first of all, at the increasing importance of measuring in the country and in Kharkiv region in particular. The war set new challenges before KhSIMMD: to render maximal assistance to the defense industry enterprises, in regulation of their measuring economy which in the war time conditions acquired drastic significance. For full-scale development and productions of military machinery and live ammunition produced, meeting the high precision standards, securing absolute interchangeability, in the previously non-military specialization plants producing civil consumer goods. KhSIMMD in the shortest possible time period managed to organize there the metrology, providing the measuring economy at high-technical level, alongside with training of necessary personnel.
Описание: Septembers, 22 1941 KhSIMMD stopped its functioning, because of evacuation. The most valuable equipment was sent to Tomsk, other property and materials, which were impossible to  evacuate, were destroyed.
 KhSIMMD renewed its activity on September, 1 1943 after the liberation of Kharkiv from fascist invaders.
            In the year of its 50 years anniversary (since the day of Kharkiv verification office opening), KhSIMMD fully restored its activities up to the pre-war scale.

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  In year 1967 KhSIMMD was renamed in Kharkiv state research institute of metrology (KhSRIM). Laboratories, providing state verification and measures and measuring devices revision, controlling the observance of standards and technical requirements in the industry, made up verification part of institute. Scientific researchers were focused in the three principal areas: mechanical, thermal and electric measuring.
In year 1979 for improving the metrology system structure of  National Standard of Ukrainian SSR, the State Supervision Management of KhSRIM, performing its activity in practical metrology, including the verification of measuring instruments and facilities, was reorganized into a separate organization unit - Kharkiv standardization and metrology center (KhSMC).
Strarting from January, 1 1981 in the process of restructuring of all the national Standard system of the USSR and its departments in Kharkiv, the scientific and production association (SPA) "Metrologiia", was organized. It included: KhSRIM, KhSMC, Special designer bureau and Kharkiv research and experimental plant "Etalon". KhSMC had the double subordination – to SPA "Metrologiia" and directly to National Standard of the USSR.Описание: Они были первыми
       On December, 28 1988 KhSMC was removed from control of SPA "Metrologiia" and was transferred under supervision of Ukrainian Republican Department of National Standard of the USSR, which on May, 24 1991 by Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukrainian SSR was restructured into the State committee of Ukrainian SSR on standardization, metrology and goods quality.

Proclaiming of State independence of Ukraine on August, 24 1991 offered the prospectives of new conditions for further development of KhSMC activity. By the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 182 of April, 8 1992 the State committee of Ukranian SSR on standardization, metrology and goods quality was reorganized into the State committee of Ukraine on standardization, metrology and certification, (National Standard of Ukraine), and  KhSMC was renamed into Kharkiv state standardization, metrology and certification center (KhSSMCC).
Following the President of Ukraine’s Decree, issued on October, 1 2002 the reforming of National Standard organization of Ukraine took place. As the result, it was reorganized into the State Committee of Ukraine on the technical regulation and consumer politics issues (State consumer standard of Ukraine) with the special status. This Decree set up new requirements for implementation of public policy in the sphere of consumers’ rights protection, as well as the interbranch co-ordination and functional regulations of standardization, metrology, certification and quality management issues.
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In December 2003 the state enterprise "Prylad" “(Device)” was integrated into the structure of KhSSMCC, and the center was renamed in the State enterprise “Kharkiv regional standardization, metrology and certification center”, or briefly SE"Kharkivstandartmetrologiia".
At the beginning of 2004 the State enterprise “Kharkiv regional center of standardization, metrology and certification” got its actual name – the State enterprise "Kharkiv regional scientific and production standardization, metrology and certification center".
The State Enterprise "Kharkivstandartmetrologiia" consists of 29 subdivisions, with 2 testing laboratories, which are licensed by Ukrainian national accreditation agency.
365 persons work in the center nowadays, including:
- 266 specialists with complete higher education;
- 46 persons with basic higher education;
- 9 masters of sciences;
- 32 public auditors in UkrSEPRO system;
- 7 estimation public auditors in compliance of products to the technical regulations
Since December, 3 2011 SE "Kharkivstandartmetrologiia" is under subordination of the Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine.
Scientific and technical potential of SE “Kharkivstandartmetrologiia” allows to perform its activities, related to metrology, standardization and conformity confirmation at the top quality level. Center’s subdivisions are equipped with the state of art equipment and measuring devices facilities.
Nowadays SE “Kharkivstandartmetrologiia” is a leading scientific and production center of Ukraine in the field of metrology, standardization and conformity confirmation.