Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine 
State enterprise "Kharkiv Regional Research and Production Center
for Standardization, Metrology and Certification"


Normative and legal principles of activity

In its activity SE"Kharkivstandartmetrologiia " sticks to the following legislative and normative acts:
Constitution of Ukraine;
Law of Ukraine "On metrology and metrological activity" from 05.06.2014 № 1314-VII;
Law of Ukraine "On technical regulations and conformity estimation” from 15.01.2015 № 124-VIII;
Law of Ukraine "On accreditation of conformity estimation bodies" of 17.05.2001 № 2407-ІІІ;
Law of Ukraine "On standardization" from 05.06.2014 № 1315-VII;
Law of Ukraine "On the state market supervision and non-food products control" from 02.12.2010 № 2735 - VI;
Law of Ukraine "On general safety of non-food products" from 02.12.2010 № 2736 - VI;
Law of Ukraine "On safety and quality of food products" from  23.12.1997 N of 771/97-ВР
Law of Ukraine "On the consumers’ rights protection" from 12.05.1991 № 1023-ХІІ;
Law of Ukraine "On responsibility for the harm caused by defective products" from 19.05.2011 № 3390 - VI;
Decree of President of Ukraine "On measures relating to activity improvement in the field of the technical regulations and consumer politics" from 13.07.2005 №1105/2005;
Law of Ukraine is "On the citizens’ applications" from  02.10.1996 № 393-96-ВР;
Law of Ukraine "On the foundations of the state language policy" from 03.07.2012 р. № 5029-VI;
Law of Ukraine "On labour protection" from 14.10.1992 № 2694-ХІІ;
Law of Ukraine "On executive production" from 02.06.2016 р. № 1404-VIII;
The Code of Ukraine in administrative crimes;
 Commercial Code of Ukraine;
Code of economic procedures in Ukraine;
Civil code of Ukraine;
Civil and judicial code of Ukraine;
Labour code Ukraine
By the laws of Ukraine, acts of President of Ukraine, acts of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, orders of Economic development ministry of Ukraine and normative acts.