Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine 
State enterprise "Kharkiv Regional Research and Production Center
for Standardization, Metrology and Certification"




The Law of Ukraine "On Energy Efficiency of Buildings" came into force

The Verkhovna Rada set minimum requirements for energy efficiency of buildings and introduced certification of energy efficiency


Examination of vinegar was carried out by specialists of the State Enterprise "Kharkivstandartmetrologiya"

Is it enough sour vinegar, Specialists of the State Enterprise "Kharkivstandartmetrology"


The President legalized the mandatory installation of meters for water and heat

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed the law "On commercial accounting of thermal energy and water supply"


Expertise of drinking cream of the state enterprise "Kharkivstandartmetrologiya"

Within the limits of consumer examination, 6 samples of drinking cream with different mass fraction of fat from different manufacturers were tested. The results were pleasantly amazed.


What is hidden behind the attractive kind of vegetables and fruits

In the state testing laboratory of food and agricultural products of the state enterprise "Kharkivstandartmetrologia", they tested early vegetables and fruits for nitrate content.


V.A. Velichko appointed General Director of the State Enterprise "Kharkivstandartmetrologiya"

By order of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Vladimir Velichko was appointed General Director of the State Enterprise "Kharkivstandartmetrologiya"


We started the qualification testing rounds in the directions "grain quality" and "flour quality"

State Enterprise "Kharkivstandartmetrologia" accepts applications and offers to participate in the qualification examination rounds quality of grain and flour


Specialists of the State Enterprise "Kharkivstandartmetrologiya" visited China to conduct work on the conformity assessment of medical devices

General Director of Kharkivstandartmetrologiya State Enterprise Vladimir Velichko and Deputy Director General Victor Agarkov inspected two enterprises in China with the purpose of assessing the conformity of products to the requirements of the Technical Regulations of Medical Devices


Which yogurt is useful?

State Enterprise "Kharkivstandartmetrologiya" conducted an examination of yoghurts And identified products with microbiological indices


"Reform" in the field of consumer protection: trampling on the spot or moving back?

How is the implementation of the reform of the system of consumer protection, - says the general director of the state enterprise "Kharkivstandartmetrologiya" Vladimir Velichko.