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We invite for the participating in the competition "100 best goods of Ukraine"

Dear businessman of Kharkiv Region, producers of products and commodities, suppliers of works and services!
Application process for enterprises, organizations, establishments for participation in the regional stage of competition "The Best products of Kharkiv Region" 2014, started. The competition is organized within the framework of the annual All-Ukrainian products quality competition (commodities, works, services) “The top 100 commodities of Ukraine".
The annual competition "The Top 100 commodities of Ukraine" is held in accordance to the President of Ukraine’ Decree of February, 23, 2001 № 113 "About measures on upgrading of national products", the order of President of Ukraine of October, 14, 2004 № 251/2004-рп "About support to organization of the All-Ukrainian products quality competition (commodities, works, services) "The Top 100 commodities of Ukraine", resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of November, 16, 2001 № 1502 "About annual All-Ukrainian quality competition" and Public policy concept in the field of products quality management (commodities, works, services) which is  approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of August 17, 2002 No.447-p.
The annual regional competition "The Best products of Kharkiv Region" is organized according to the order of the Head of regional state administration of 13.07.2005 №246 "On the organization and performing of annual regional competition "The Best products of Kharkiv Region".
The basic purpose of competition is to combine common efforts for quality, safety and competitiveness improvement of national products both in national and foreign markets and assistance in meeting the needs and expectations of consumers.
Basic tasks of Competition are:
- determining on competitive basis the best standards of the Ukrainian products (commodities, works, services);
- assistance in production of high-quality and competitive national products (commodities, works, services), saturation of markets of Ukraine with quality goods, meeting of needs and expectations of consumers;
- support of initiatives and efforts of commodity producers as for the improvement of products quality (commodities, works, services);
- creation of favourable conditions for development and introduction in enterprises, organizations and establishments of Ukraine the quality management systems, systems of ecological management, and other modern management systems;
- extension and propaganda of enterprises and organizations experience, producing quality products (commodities, works, services);
-increasing of information promotion level in mass media, concerning the quality national products (commodities, works, services) and their producers.
The competition is held in two stages - at Regional and National level in following nominations:
- products (food stuff; consumer goods; production and technical commodities; folk artistic wares);
- works and services which are supplied in domestic and production spheres.
The Competition participants are divided in every nomination by the categories of enterprises principle in small(up to 50 persons), middle(from 50 up to 250 persons) and large (from 250 persons).
Participating in Competition allows a company:
- to get the products’ independent estimation from the Competition’s experts;
- to participate in the National exhibition "The Top 100 commodities of Ukraine";
- to mark the products with the Competition’s logotype "The Top 100 commodities of Ukraine";
- to extend marketing researches and advertisement of the products;
- to promote innovation and investment attractiveness and positive image of enterprise.
The deadline for applications - June, 2, 2014.
The methodical, financial and informative provision of the regional competition commission’s activities is secured by SE “Kharkivstandartmetrologiia”.
During April - May, 2014 for the competition participants SE "Kharkivstandartmetrologiia", consultative assistance on the issues of materials registration, filling of report and self-estimation questionnaire will be provided.
For the participation in Competition a company, organization, establishment applies with the standart request to the Regional competitive commission to the address: 36 Myronosytska Str., Off.308, Kharkiv.
Contact telephone/fax number: (38 057) 756-38-07
Application form for participation in competition(UPLOAD)
Recommendations for participants(UPLOAD)
You are welcome to become a participant of “The Best products of Kharkiv Region" in 2014!