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What do exporters need to know about Customs union requirements

34 technical regulations of Customs union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan came into force in November, 2013. In this connection, the Ukrainian export oriented producers of any type of products to the Customs union countries-members need to meet the technical regulations requirements of the mentioned regional organization.
Now Ukrainian producers and suppliers, willing to enter the markets of Customs union countries-members (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan), have to pay more attention to the conformity of their products to the requirements stipulated by new technical regulations.
Technical regulations of the Customs union is now operating in spheres of railway transport and infrastructure, food products safety, products for children and teenagers, toys, perfume and cosmetic products, furniture, wheeled transport vehicles, tractors and others.
List and complete texts of technical regulations can be found in Customs union web-site at - (division "Database", subdivision "Technical regulation development").
At the same web-site the list of offices for certification and estimation (confirmation) of conformity, registered in the Unified certification register and testing laboratories of the Customs union (, division "Database", subdivision of "Supervision and control for the goods (products) safety") is published.
Customs union technical regulations development performed in accordance with "Regulations on order of development, acceptance, alterations and abolition of Customs union technical regulations", clause 9 of which stipulates the participation of persons from interested third countries in public discussion of Customs union technical regulation project.
Therefore in case of the personal interest the Ukrainian producers can directly participate in the public discussions of Customs union technical regulations projects and direct their propositions to the address of the Eurasian economic commission: 3/5 Smolensk blvrd, building 1, Moscow,119121
Office on conformity estimation of SE "Kharkivstandartmetrologiia" is ready to provide the producers and suppliers of region with necessary consultations in relation to the requirements of observance of technical regulations of Customs union countries-members.