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New services

New services of state testing laboratory
Due to Ukraine’s European integration course and export-oriented intentions of Ukrainian producers to integrate into international markets, there is a need for definition of new food products and forage indexes. Declaring the composition of food products and forage, and their corresponding marking nowadays is one of the most important requirements from many countires of the world.
Our laboratory offers:
Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, ELISA
Progressive and highly efficient ELISA method, is based on the specific reaction of antigen-antibody, and is used to determine the amounts of remaining tetracyclinum group antibiotics of streptomycin, chloramphenicol (laevomycetinum) in stock-raising products. It is important for the milk and meat producers to find the right suppliers of raw materials, which can guarantee the safety of their products.
The laboratory is able to determine the amount of gluten in food products and raw materials, which is important for dietary products marking for the people with special requirements to the foodstuffs. The ELISA method is also used for determining of other allergens (egg-white, different kinds of nuts etc.)
Checking of growth of nutrient medium properties and solvents
The important aspect of food producers functioning in new international environment is adoption by the national companies’ laboratories the products’ testing methods, approved by international community (ISO, EN, IDF).
The state testing laboratory performes checking of current nutrient medium and solvents for their growth properties (productivity, selectivity, specificity) according to DSTU ISO/TS 11133-2: 2006 "Microbiology of food products and pet foods. Recommendations for preparation and nutrient medium production. Part 2.
The practical recommendations for the testing of nutrient medium (ISO/TS 11133-2: 2003, IDT) ".

SVL is located at:  49/51Pushkin Str., Kharkiv 61002, Ukraine
Tel/fax: /38 057/ 714-35-61; tel. 714-14-29, 719-20-48
E - mail: 100@mtl.
SVL Director - Olena Volodymirivna Dulina.
SVL Deputy director - Halyna Ivanivna Chapai.

Thermovision diagnostics
SE "Kharkivstandartmetrologiia" offers its services on thermovision inspection for buildings, equipment, including refrigeration systems, conditioners, split-systems, engineering systems, fire places, stoves, ovens etc.
Thermovision diagnostics allows to obtain the reliable and objective information concerning the  object’s thermal status, on the basis of which the measures, providing the object’s safe exploitation, could be taken.
SE "Kharkivstandartmetrologiia" can offer:
Express inspection:
 Apartments, private houses, summer residences, bath-houses etc. It includes thermography of window constructions and balcony blocks, walls, overlapping elements, corners, floor and ceiling (optionally). No thermovision report or expert’s conclusion are issued (the customer gets thermogramms right on the spot after survey).
 Complex inspection:
- High-resolution thermovision inspection of protecting constructions (walls, overlapping elements, windows, doors) from inside;
- Complete external thermovision inspection of the object, including the roof;
- Heating system thermovision inspection;
- Thermovision inspection of weak points in electric system of building (distributive boxes, safety devices blocks etc.);
- Computer thermograms processing and analysis, calculations;
- Customer’s report issuing in paper and copy in electronic version.
Minimal cost is 350,00 UAH.(One-room apartment with general area up to 30 sq.m.)
For the information on the working costs and terms calculation please contact us.
SE "Kharkivstandartmetrologiia"
40, Myronosytska Str., Off.206, Kharkiv,
Tel/ fax 38 057-758-12-34
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