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Basic activities

Technical auditing

For the time the following Laws of Ukraine came into power:
  • "On the state market of supervision and control over non-food products "
(of 02.12.2010 №2735 - VI);
  • "On general safety of non-food products"(of 02.12.2010 №2736 - VI);
  • "On the responsibility for harm caused by defective products" (of 19.05.2011р. №3390 - VI).
40 technical regulations on different groups of products are approved in Ukraine by 01.01.2012. They are:
  • “Machinery and mechanisms safety”
  • “Low voltage equipment safety” etc.
The mentioned legislative acts and Technical regulations define the following  requirements to the producers and suppliers of products:
  • Producer is to develop and keep the product’s technical documentation sets.
  • Technical documentation should comprise all the stages of projecting, production and application of products and provide the possibility of estimation of its conformity to the technical regulations requirements. The technical documentation content is set in accordance to the regulations for each particular product.
Generally, technical documentation is to contain the following documents:
  • General description of products;
  • Construction, working drawing, elements charts, blocks, chains etc.;
  • Records and explanations to the drafts, charts, on how products functioning;
  • Standards list from the officially published List and description of decisions accepted for the regulations requirements implementation, if standards were not applied;
  • Project calculations results;
  • Testing results reports (protocols);
  • Products conformity declaration.
Additionally the obligatory requirements are set for producers relating to:
  • Products marking with conformity mark;
  • Information for of consumers (users) about the risks, which may bring his products;
  • Risk prevention, including recalling the products from sales etc.
 From 01.03.2012 the state market supervision started its functioning. Its main goal is to secure the products conformity to the stipulated requirements as for the Technical regulations and securing the absence of threats to public interests.
Realizing the importance of the requirements set in the field of technical regulations and difficulties for many enterprises to apply these requirements in their activities,
SE "Kharkivstandartmetrologiia", as the advanced technically-competent organization offers new services "Technical auditing of enterprise".
Purpose of auditing:
To define the enterprise readiness for the implementation of actual legislative acts and normatively-legal documents requirements.
Auditing contents:
The technical auditing is of complex character and by customer’s wish can include the following activities:
  • Defining of the obligatory requirements list to the products, namely:
  • if it subjects to the certification or conformity estimation to the technical regulations requirements?
  • which regulations are applied for the products? etc.
  • Checking of designer’s and technological documentation as for their conformity to the set requirements(in legislation, technical regulations);
  • Completeness of technical control organization and products testing;
  • Metrologic provision of production process;
  • Correctness of products marking;
  • Completness of information for consumers (user) in relation to the risks that products can bring;
  • Correctness of conformity declaration and other.
Thus, the "Technical auditing" is one of the most effective forms in preparing of enterprise to work in the new conditions. Involoving the competent specialists of SE "Kharkivstandartmetrologiia" the company producer has a possibility to get the real estimation of technical preproduction as for its conformity to the modern requirements set by actual normative and legal documents in Ukraine.
       At the same time, cusomter avoids time losses for additional consultations and finding out the problem questions, company’s own specialists are not distracted from their activities, and the most important factor - company gets a reliable partner for a long-term prospective.
         On results of "Technical auditing" performed by SE "Kharkivstandartmetrologiia" can offer a number of services:
1. Finaliziing of the necessary complete set of technical documentation (development of technical requirements;  passport for products; maintanance advices and other)
2. Updating of normative documents database
3. Organizing of acceptance and certification testing.
4. Preparation of a company for certification and products conformity estimation.
5. Development of quality management system (and other managemet systems for specific fields of activities).
6. Organize the procedures aimed at the metrology providing improvement.
7. Develop the procedures for improvement of technical control on quality and products safety.
For the “Technical auditing” procedures organization and terms of their performance please contact Tel 719-20-35.
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