Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine 
State enterprise "Kharkiv Regional Research and Production Center
for Standardization, Metrology and Certification"


Basic activities

Conformity declarations registration

Registration of conformity declarations on products’ conformity to technical regulations requirements is performed by the conformity estimation office of SE "Kharkivstandartmetrologiia”"(further - CEO) on voluntarily basis and by wish of declarants.
Products conformity declaration (further Declaration) is issued according to the technical regulation requirements concerning corresponding products.
Declaration is prepared by producer or by his authorized representative, or supplier which is responsible for product introduction into economic turnover in Ukraine. Thus the producer or his authorized representative and supplier have to be the residents of Ukraine, bearing full responsibility for products conformity to the specific technical regulations requirements, operating in Ukraine.
Declaration is prepared as for the certain products or homogeneous group of products, for which the unified requirements are set by technical regulation, on the basis of technical documentation, confirming its conformity to these requirements.
The list of technical documentation, which is the confirming, evidential base for products conformity to the technical regulation requirements in relation to corresponding products.
 The complete set of confirming (evidential) documents in general cases may include:
  • products (goods) general description;
  • designer’s and technological documentation of products;
  • normative documents, where the requirements to products are stipulated;
  • products’ testing protocols, which were issued by accredited testing laboratories, according to the tests’ periodicity set by normative documents;
  • acceptance protocols, periodic and other products’ testing, performed by declarant (when needed);
  • conformity certificates and testing protocols of raw materials, materials, set wares (if any);
  • quality management systems certificates (if any);
  • international conformity certificates and testing protocols for certain products, if they contain the confirmation of conformity to requirements, which do not contradict to those, stipulated by the normative documents of Ukraine;
  • conformity certificates, issued in the context of conformity estimation (confirmation) systems,in cases, where Ukraine’s participation is confirmed by corresponding agreements on the mutual acceptance of conformity estimation results;
  • conformity declaration (certificate or quality certificate) of the products’ producer;
  • allowing documents for products import to the territory of Ukraine (if needed).
The complete set of confirming documents is to be submitted for verification on CEO’s request for declaration registering procedures.
To protect producer, the technical documentation, submitted to CEO, is to be limited exceptionally by information, needed for the conformity estimation.
The documentation submitted by Declarant is confidential in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation.
The order of performance of voluntary declarations registration generally contains:
  • filing and consideration of application for declaration registration;
  • acquaintance of declarant with his rights and duties;
  • signing of contratct for performance of analysis, documents examination and declaration registration;
  • verification(examination) of completeness of confirming documents and rightness of declaration made;
  • decision-making on entering of declaration to CEO Register.
In case of alteriation of normative documents, mentioned in declaration, as well as the declarant’s reorganization, it is necessary to prepare a new declaration with its further registration for the term of earlier registered declaration, in which the alteration are made.
Thus, the declaration issued earlier, for which the alterations are made, abolished.
1. For voluntarily declaration registration, the declarant (producer or his authorized representative, or supplier) submits the request to CEO with the complete set of confirming documents, which are evidential base of products conformity to technical regulation requirements.
2. Application for the declaration registration is filed to the executive department of CEO, responsible for activities on conformity estimation of products to certain technical regulation requirements.
The head of department appoints a specialist (expert) responsible for verification of confirming documents completeness and correctness of declaration prepared (stamped with corresponding resolution on the application).
3. The expert within 3 working days after the receipt of request with confirming documents makes analysis and examination of complete set of documents as for their completness for the estimation of products’ conformity to the technical regulation requirements, and also checks the following:
  • documents, confirming the declarant’s competence to issue the declaration (document which confirms powers of the authorized person or supplier (original);
  • registration certificate of legal entity or entrepreneur in Ukraine; license for the activity performance (if needed);
  • contract, invoice, invoice and other commercial documents (for an importer);
  • completeness and correctness of normative documents determination, intended for certain products conformity estimation;
  • completeness and correctness of conforming documents in relation to the terms of production;
  • completeness and correctness of declaration filling.
4. After finishing of verification and analysis of submitted documents, the expert issues the decision on possibility (or impossibility) of conformity declaration registration and in case of positive decision, information about object’s registration is entered into the CEO database (Register) of conformity declarations, which automatically assigns a registry book number to the declaration.
5. In case of negative examination results of the complete set of submitted technical documentation, CEO prepares the decision for the declarant with the explanation of refuse.
6. The conformity declaration should contain the following records of executive conformity estimation department:
  • number and date of declaration registration;
  • information about the declaration registrar;
  • signature of Head (deputy) of CEO, certified by the CEO seal;
  • CEO seal.