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Ecological management systems

DSTU ISO 14001:2006

"Ecological management systems. Requirements and recommendation on their application"
   DSTU ISO 14001: 2006 – is the standard, setting the requirements for ecological management system, giving opportunity for organization to formulate and implement its policies, set and achieve its objectives, taking into account legal and other requirements, which organization is to observe, as well as information, about substantial ecological aspects. It concerns those certain organization of ecological aspects which it can control and influence. The standard does not set any certain ecological description criteria.
Advantages for a company after introduction and ecological management system (EMS) certification.
Development, introduction and certification of the ecological management system in accordance to DSTU ISO 14001: 2006, is the objective necessity and will provide to your company following advantages:
- minimization of environment influence;
- emergency situations risks reduction;
- maximum effective use of resources;
- reduction in wastes amounts;
- good corporate image demonstration;
- ecological barriers removal and sales markets expansion;
- improvement of consumers’ and investors’ trust in the company.
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