Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine 
State enterprise "Kharkiv Regional Research and Production Center
for Standardization, Metrology and Certification"


Basic activities

The system of voluntary assessment of measurements in the laboratories for compliance with DSTU ISO 10012:2005

Until the end of 2015 and an independent confirmation of technical competence of the laboratory measurement was carried out through the certification procedure, the results of which issued the certificate of attestation to the measurement together with the area of certification. Measuring laboratory can refer to the certificate of attestation to assure its measurement capabilities, used the certificate to offer their services to potential customers.

From 01 January 2016 entered into force the Law of Ukraine "On Metrology and metrological activity" dated 5 June 2014 № 1314-VII, article 7 of which provides for regulation at the legislative level the authority of the Central Executive bodies, other state authorities to authorize the conduct of certain measurements, not related to the conformity assessment of products, processes and services in the area of legally regulated Metrology. As of the moment, the issue at the legislative level is not resolved.

SE "Kharkivstandartmetrologiya" is a company on which order of the State Committee of Ukraine for technical regulation and consumer policy dated March 29, 2005 N 71 has been assigned the function of implementation of organizational and methodical support of works on confirmation of competence and organization of measurements, was developed and introduced a Ukrainian system of voluntary assessment of status of measurements in metrological services and laboratories of enterprises and organizations.

This system is based on a harmonised standard the International organization for standardization national standard of Ukraine DSTU ISO 10012:2005. Compliance with the standard DSTU ISO 10012:2005 certifying the implementation of the entity's system of control measurements to ensure metrological requirements of the customer. Although this standard is not intended as a substitute or in addition to the requirements of DSTU ISO/IEC 17025 standard or any other standard, and the proposed evaluation system does not apply to work related to conformity assessment which entered on the replacement of the certification process.

Confirmation of conformity of system of measurement to requirements of DSTU ISO 10012:2005 (i.e., the availability of measurement capabilities and competence in measurement) is derived by carrying out on a contractual basis independent audit of the Metrology services or laboratories. In case of positive results of the audit are issued a certificate of conformity of system of measurement to requirements of DSTUISO 10012:2005 period of validity – three years, with the sphere of objects and processes of the measurement system that are the subject of the certificate (specify the name of the dimension objects, processes, methods, measurements and indicators for these processes, methods). During the validity of this certificate is expected to be a single monitoring compliance with the requirements of DSTU ISO 10012:2005 in accordance with G. 8 of this standard.

The Ukrainian system of voluntary evaluation of the measurement offered by SE "Kharkivstandartmetrologiia", corresponds to the common European practice, voluntary work, found support for metrological centers and are in demand among organizations that conduct the measurement. Part of the Metrology services or laboratories of a business entity for the scheme is entirely voluntary.

For participation in the voluntary system of assessment measurements, submission of statement and receipt of the certificate of conformity of system of measurement to requirements of DSTU ISO 10012:2005 we refer to the divisions of the departments SE "Kharkivstandartmetrologiia":
head of the department - Novomodniy O., tel. 752-31-17
head of the department - Mazur V., tel. 756-37-59
head of the sector – Dabinia N., tel. 752-43-83, 752-31-16
lead engineer – Zalesskaya L., tel. 752-43-83