Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine 
State enterprise "Kharkiv Regional Research and Production Center
for Standardization, Metrology and Certification"


Basic activities

State testing of MI

In accordance with authority field SE "Kharkivstandartmetrologiia” :
- performs and participates in state testing of measuring instruments (MI), intended for serial production in Ukraine and those, imported in the territory of Ukraine in batches;
- performs the state MI proof-testing, which are  serially made in Ukraine and imported into the territory of Ukraine in batches
    The state MI testings are performed in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On metrology and metrologic activity" and DSTU 3400 Metrology. State testing of measuring instruments. Basic provisions, organization, order of performance and results processing.
   The state MI testing are performed by metrology subdivisions in such kinds of measuring :
01 Measuring of geometrical sizes (supplement);
02 Measuring of mechanical sizes (supplement);
03 Measuring of flow, consumption, level and substances volume parameters (supplement);
04 Measuring of pressure, vacuum values (supplement);
05 Measuring of physical and chemical composition and properties of substances (supplement);
06 Temperature and thermophysical measuring (supplement);
07 Measuring of time and frequency values (supplement);
08 Electric and magnetic measuring (supplement);
09 Radiotechnical and radio electronic measuring (supplement);
10 Optical and physical measuring (supplement)