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State enterprise "Kharkiv Regional Research and Production Center
for Standardization, Metrology and Certification"


Basic activities

Proficiency testing, interlaboratory comparison (DSTU EN ISO/IEC 17043:2017)

Metrological center SE "Kharkivstandartmetrologiia" is accredited by NAAU (certificate (UA), scope (UA)) as a proficiency testing provider according to DSTU EN ISO/IEC 17043:2017 (UA).
Information documents Policies Documents for customers
1. Analysis of the requirements and practice for conducting proficiency testing (UA)
2. Interlaboratory comparisons of testing results (ILC) (NAAU) (UA)
1. Privacy Policy (UA)
2. The Policy of comparing results obtained by different methods (UA)
3. NAAU policy regarding participation of conformity assessment bodies in proficiency testing
4. The conception of evaluation of competence of testing laboratories on the basis of participation results in inter-laboratory comparisons (NAAU)
1. Application for calibration laboratory (UA)
2. Application for testing laboratory (UA)
3. Certificate of the participant
4. Profile (UA) (online)

To participate in proficiency testing, it is necessary to submit an electronic application, or fill out and send an application to the address: 36, Mironosytska str., Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61002, and / or by e-mail:

If you have questions and suggestions on proficiency testing organization, please contact the coordinator: Department of Applied Metrology of Measuring Systems and Processes, the Head and Coordinator – Novomodnyi Oleh Mykolaiovych

tel / fax (057) 752-43-82, 752-43-83, e-mail
Ukraine, Kharkiv, 49/51, Pushkinskaya str., office 204  

Reports on completed rounds:

Scheme Reports (UA)
MetrCentr-PT-T-QM Physical and chemical quantities and substance amount Wheat: 1 round, 2 round, 3 round
Wheat flour: 1 round
MetrCentr-PT-C-EM Electrical and magnetic values Megohmmeter: 1 round, 2 round
DC high voltage meters: 1 round
Electricity meters: 1 round
Multimeters: 1 round, 2 round, 5 round
Permanent magnet: 1 round
Normal elements: 1 round
Current and Voltage Calibrators: 1 round
Sine-wave generators: 1 round
Electrical resistance coil: 1 round, 2 round (resistance store)
MetrCentr-PT-С-L Length Micrometer: 1 round, 2 round, 3 round
Caliper: 1 round
Metal measuring ruler: 1 round
Gauge blocks: 1 round
Protractor: 1 round
Goryaev's chamber: 2 round
Roulette: 1 round
MetrCentr-PT-С-М Mass and related quantities Weight: 1 round, 2 round, 4 round
Dynamometer: 1 round
Press: 1 round
Hardometer: 1 round
Installation for water meters: 1 round
Manometer: 1 round, 2 round, 3 round5 round (diff. Gauge), 7 round
Areometer: 1 round
Measuring tank: 1 round
Flask: 1 round, 2 round
Dispensers: 1 round, 2 round
Weighing scale: 1 round
Torque wrench: 1 round
Аnemometers: 2 round
MetrCentr-PT-С-PR Photometric and radiometric quantities Photometer: 1 round
Luxometer: 1round
MetrCentr-PT-С-QM Physical and chemical quantities and substance amount pH meter: 1 round
Gas detector: 1 round
Moisture meter: 1 round
Digital hygrometer: 3 round
MetrCentr-PT-С-Т Thermometric quantities Thermometer: 1 round, 2 round, 4 round, 5 рround (electronic)
Thermal converters: 2 round, 3 round
Hygrometers: 1 round
Climate chamber: 2 round
MetrCentr-PT-С-ТF Time and Frequency Timer: 1 round, 2 round, 5 round
Centrifuge: 1 round
Frequency meter: 1 round
Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ):
Question Answer
1. Required areas / types / items are missing from the list of rounds.
Could you organize a round on the corresponding areas / types / items?
The possibility of conducting rounds should be agreed with the coordinator. Contact us in any way convenient for you: tel./fax (057) 752-43-82, 752-43-83, e-mail
2. How much does it cost to participate in the round of proficiency testing? The cost for participating in the round of proficiency testing as of December 30, 2020 is the following: testing – 3077,57 UAH including VAT; calibration – please check with the coordinator.
The indicated cost does not include the cost of items and documents shipping (the SENDER pays for the shipping). Other terms of delivery are to be agreed in the contract. To determine the actual cost, you should contact the coordinator in any way convenient for you (tel./fax (057) 752-43-82, 752-43-83, e-mail
3. Is it possible to apply for the round that has already started? Yes, you can apply and take part in the round until it is completed
4. The round indicates some calibration points / parameters, which we cannot determine.
What should we do?
The participant of the proficiency testing round has the right to choose some calibration points / parameters that are specified in the round; this will not affect the participant's assessment (the round will be conducted only on the results at those calibration points / parameters) and conclusions will be made based on proficiency testing. You should notify the coordinator about taking part not at all calibration points / parameters that are indicated in the round  in any way convenient for you (tel./fax (057) 752-43-82, 752-43-83, email
5. Is it possible to get results before the round is completed? According to the request of the proficiency testing participant, it is possible to provide the participant with an interim report only with his preliminary results until the round is completed. The interim report lacks some important data that can only be given in the final round report. The term of providing the interim report to the participant is from two to ten working days. Please note that the interim report is CONFIDENTIAL, disclosure of the information contained in it is PROHIBITED!
6. How often is it possible to take part in the rounds? The number of proficiency testing rounds is determined individually by the laboratory management.
We recommend to pay attention to such documents:
- EA-4/18 INF - the recommended minimum for participation in proficiency testing is once regarding certain sub-disciplines over the period of the accreditation cycle (time between repeated evaluations of the accreditation body).
- APLAC PT 006 Issue No. 2, 09/10 - the recommended minimum for participation in proficiency testing, depending on the type of sub-disciplines, is once every two years.
- DSTU ISO 13528: 2016 (ISO 13528: 2015, IDT) - a  laboratory in which a quality management system operates and which has obtained satisfactory results in several rounds of proficiency testing schemes has the right to use these results as evidence that it is able to obtain reliable results.