Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine 
State enterprise "Kharkiv Regional Research and Production Center
for Standardization, Metrology and Certification"


Basic activities

Consumer examination of products

To meet the social needs and for providing of consumers with quality and safe products SE "Kharkivstandartmetrologiia” introduced new type of activities – “Consumer examination of products".
The activities are performed in accordance with requirements of:
- The Law of Ukraine "On consumers’ protection" of 12.05.1991 № 1023 - XII
- The Law of Ukraine "On safety and quality of food products" of 23.12.1997р. № 771/97-ВР
- The Law of Ukraine "On the general safety of non food products" of 02.12.2010р. №2736 - VI
- The Law of Ukraine "On standardization" of 17.05.2001 № 2408-ІІІ;
- The Law of Ukraine "On metrology and Metrologic activity" of 11.02.1998р. for №113/98-ВР
- Decree of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "About standardization and certification" of 10.05.1993 № 46-93
-SOU KZPS 74.9-02568182-001: 2012 "Consumer examination of products (commodities, works and services). Basic provisions. Organization, order of performance and registration of results" of 26.02.2013
- Technical regulations for products
- Technical regulation as for the rules of marking of food products
            Consumer examination is complex research of quality and safety of commodities (services) indexes in relation to their conformity to the current legislation norms, operating normative and legal protocols, normative and technical documentation requirements, with revealing of reasons for non-conformity of object under examination to the operating requirements.
         Consumer examination is performed for protection of consumers’ interests, securing the quality and safety of foodstuff, health protection of population, as well for development of measures preventing the supply to the consumer market non quality and dangerous consumer products (foodstuffs, domestic commodities, commodities for children, trade services and other)
The subject of consumer examination is establishment of conformity/non conformity of object of research to the actual legislation norms, operating normative and legal protocols, normative and technical documentation requirements.
The objects of research of consumer examination are commodities, works and services.
Consumer examination can be performed on the request of state inspection offices, inspections on consumers’ protection issues, organizations of different kinds of ownership, usual consumers (users).
Task of consumer examination :
- finding out the reliable and objective information about quality and safety of food products, selling in trade network;
- system analysis and estimation of the obtained information;
- granting the reasonable results of consumer examination to the ministries, local executive bodies, trade establishments for effective measures undertaking;
- notification of population about the results of consumer examination through the mass medias.
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