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Basic activities

Power auditing

Energy-saving and energy efficiency issues in industry, household and communal services are getting more importance every day. The increase of gas, coal, electric power costs became the irreversible phenomenon in our time. To counteract it, is possible only by reducing energy losses. Systems of power auditing and energy management for increasing of the energy efficiency are introduced for industry modernization.
Power auditing is energy efficiency inspection for objects to determine the efficiency of production facilities and fuel and energy resources consumption. It envisages the estimation of all aspects of company’s activities, connected with the expenses for fuel, energy and some resources, for example, for water. The power auditing goal – is to estimate efficiency of the fuel and energy resources consumption and to work out the effective measures for the cost cutting. On the power auditing results the recommendation for more efficient energy resources use and energy saving are issued to the customer.
Power auditing helps to solve the following issues:
- determination of energy-savings potential;
- development of the organizational and technical measures to reduce the energy losses;
- power balance calculations, analysis of energy consumption dynamics.
Power auditing includes the following activities:
- analysis of electric- heating and water supply, technical equipment status;
- analysis of use of power resources at the object;
- finding out the groundless losses;
- development of organizational and technical measures, aimed at the power consumption reduction;
- determination of energy-savings potential;
- economic grounding for organizational and technical events.
After information processing the customer will be issued:
- resolution on efficiency of energy recourses use;
- recommendations for introduction of measures and energy saving technologies;
- recommendations on the replacement of used energy resources with other types of resources.
 On results the power auditing it is issued the report (depending on the type of power auditing performed), which is the basis for energy saving policy forming and effective use of money, aimed at increasing of energy efficiency.
The cost of power auditing depends on structural complexity of enterprise, and on inspection scope.
The power auditing period depends on the structure of enterprise.
Grounding for power auditing Ukraine is the Article 24-1. of the Law of Ukraine "On energy-saving policies" № 74/94-ВР of 01.07.1994.
SE "Kharkivstandartmetrologiia” officially entitled for performance of power auditing services (Certificate for power auditing performance  №  11/3  of  22.04.2014, issued by State agency on energy efficiency and energy-saving policies of Ukraine) and conforms to all the Ukrainian legislation requirements in the power saving field.
Our organization performs the power auditing for enterprises of all public production industries, for housing and communal services, engineering systems, technological equipment, private building with the analysis of level of all types of fuel consumption, electric and thermal energy, as well as for water systems.
SE "Kharkivstandartmetrologiia" offers the following activities in power auditing:
- power inspection of enterprises, houses and administrative buildings, boilers, communal and industrial enterprises, thermal and electric energy objects in such directions of activity, as thermal - and power supply, for rational use of power resources, revealing of reasons for the non effective use of energy resources , providing recommendations as for their removal and introduction of power saving technologies, overcoming of barriers preventing improving of efficiency in energy consumption and energy-savings;
- thermo vision inspection of heat-insulation of living houses and administrative building, heating and thermal supply systems, engineering systems, technological and refrigeration equipment, control of chimneys and furnaces, search of the hidden communications and leakage.
The accredited specialists, with the profile higher education, with long-standing practical experience, with professional knowledge in power auditing activities, work in SE "Kharkivstandartmetrologiia”. Subdivisions of SE "Kharkivstandartmetrologiia” are equipped with advanced  equipment and measuring instruments, from leading national companies "Energoprylad", "Delta-ВХ" and international companies "Fluke", "Shimadzu", "Keitley" (including – thermovision device, allowing to define real heat losses in the buildings’ construction elements).
From the beginning of working in sphere of power auditing number of companies and organizations from the Kharkiv and other regions of Ukraine referred to SE "Kharkivstandartmetrologiia”. In particular, LLC LTD "Khartron plant"(Kharkiv), PJSC "Kharkiv biscuit factory", PJSC "Intercorn-Corn pressing industry"(Dnipropetrovsk). Power auditing was also performed for general educational establishments, kinder gardens, hospitals, in the private houses of Kharkiv. In 2013 SE "Kharkivstandartmetrologiia” became the winner of the International competition of innovative and investment projects "Kharkiv initiatives" with its project "Energy-savings strategies at the objects, consuming fuel and energy resources".
To order the services in power auditing contact our specialists by telephone :(38 057) 758-12-34; send your request by e-mail:, or come to our office at the address: 40 Myronosytska St., 2nd floor, office 206, Kharkiv, Ukraine.