Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine 
State enterprise "Kharkiv Regional Research and Production Center
for Standardization, Metrology and Certification"


Basic activities

Technical specifications checking

The checked Technical specification is the guarantee for security, quality and competitiveness of Your products!
The checked Technical specifications will allow you to sell your products at home market and in the markets of EU countries!
The checked Technical specification is the must for the tenders procedures!
TS conformity to the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine, to technical regulations and normative documents is certified with the stamp "TESTED" and with the registration mark.
After checking, TS are enlisted into the "Technical specification of Ukraine" database.
On TS (changes to TS) title page the special mark is placed, certifying that TS (changes to TS) are entered into the Database "Technical specifications of Ukraine", checked for conformity to the Laws of Ukraine, normative-legal protocols and normative documents and is the evidential base as for the products’ quality and safety guarantees.
The TS (changes to TS) concerning all types of products is taken for checking.
For TS checking (changes to TS) such documents are submitted:
- accompanying sheet (statement)    (Form of Statement);
- 1 original and two copies of TS or changes to TS;
- copies of documents as for the coordination of TS or changes to TS (if no coordination signatures on title page);
- copy of resolution of sanitary and epidemiological examination on the coordination of TS or changes to TS, certified by signature and seal of TS developer-owner;
- copy of resolution of sanitary and epidemiological examination for food raw materials, substance and other materials;
- catalogue card of products in 2 copies, filled in Ukrainian language. (Form of the Catalogue card)
Additionally, depending on the type of products, submitted:
- contract (license) copy for TS application for foreign companies;
- acceptance protocol of prototype or qualifying testing report of batch (first industrial batch);
- state acceptance testing report for measuring instruments;
- tasting commission protocol, technological instruction for food products and alcoholic drinks;
- certificate of the state registration of pesticides, agrochemicals, and technical equipments for their application;
- veterinary certificate for animal origin products;
- registration certificate for medical wares.
Rules and requirement for TU checking and changes to them are determined in
SOU KZPS 74.9-02568182-002: 2014 "Main fund of technical specifications of Ukraine and Database "Technical specifications of Ukraine". General requirements"
Duration of TS or changes to TS in SE “Kharkivstandartmetrologiia” does not exceed 20 working days from the day of their receipt.
Department offers the services for tracking and technical specifications  projects coordination with Ministries and departments.
For checking and text preparing for TS (changes to TS) call the standardization department
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Head of department Muzychenko Viktoriia Yuriivna