Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine 
State enterprise "Kharkiv Regional Research and Production Center
for Standardization, Metrology and Certification"


Basic activities

Technical specifications

SE "Kharkivstandartmetrology" refers to the field of management of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, one of the main areas of activity of which is the development, verification and registration of technical conditions (TU) and changes in TU for compliance with applicable laws, technical regulations and normative documents of Ukraine
Laws and basic regulatory documents that need to be guided in the development and verification of technical specifications:
The Law of Ukraine “On Standardization” dated 05.06.2014 No. 1315-VII;
DSTU-N 4486: 2005 “System of design documentation. Establish a typical type of incitement of technical minds ”;
GOST 2.105-95 "ESKD. General requirements for text documents ";
GOST 2.114-95 "ESKD. Technical conditions ";
SOU KZPS 74.9-02568182-002: 2004 “The Main Fund of Technical Specifications of Ukraine and the Database” Technical Specifications of Ukraine”. General requirements";
SOU KZPS 74.9-02568182-003: 2016 “Set aside a typical type of incentive, a week-end, a formalization, a designation, and that acceptance of the order”;
DK 004: 2008 “Ukrainian Classifier of Normative Documents”;
DK 016: 2010 “The sovereign classifier of products and services”.

Technical specifications are being developed:
if their development is provided for by law or they are necessary to ensure compliance with legislation;
in the absence of national and (or) interstate standards for developed products or, if necessary, specification of their requirements;
if necessary, supplement and (or) strengthen the requirements of existing national and (or) interstate standards for these products.
Such specifications should contain only requirements different from those established by these standards, without repeating the already regulated norms and provisions. It is inadmissible to introduce provisions into the technical specifications that lead to a decrease in the quality of the product or complicate its identification.