Medical Laboratory Diagnostics

Every year, medical care becomes more high-tech and, accordingly, the requirements for the quality of diagnosis increase. Laboratory research methods are often the main and even the only reliable ways to identify the etiology of diseases and monitor the effectiveness of treatment.


First of all, medical research is the reliability of measurements, in which SE “Kharkivstandartmetrologiya” has absolute authority.


With many years of experience in researching many groups of products, raw materials, equipment and other materials, the next step in developing the quality of research was the creation of a multidisciplinary state medical diagnostic laboratory MetroLab, which was opened in March 2018.

Features of DMDL “MetroLab”:

  • Performing basic spectrum research within 1 working day
  • CITO tests (urgent) – from 1 to 3 hours of waiting
  • Own specially prepared laboratory and manipulative areas that meet sanitary and hygienic requirements
  • Use of vacuum blood collection systems
  • Storage of research results for 5 years
  • Receiving research results by e-mail

MetroLab Laboratory is verified by the Kharkiv Regional Laboratory Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to conduct laboratory tests by ELISA and PCR on COVID-19

The Authority
The Authority
The laboratory is part of one of the oldest metrological enterprises in Ukraine - SE "Kharkivstandartmetrologiya".
The Precision
The Precision
The laboratory is equipped with modern automated analyzers from world manufacturers. All equipment is certified and undergoes regular inspection and calibration.
The Wide range
The Wide range
The laboratory performs more than 600 types of tests - from the most common to unique.
The Reasonable price
The Reasonable price
There is a permanent system of discounts of up to 30% on most tests for retirees and privileged categories of the population.
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